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Operating in Alaska for 11 years, our family-owned company is the longest running heli ski business under one owner in Valdez and the only company based here full time. We work all year refining our operations, expanding our scope, and staying on the cutting edge of mountain, glacier, aircraft, and snow safety. Offering the highest quality heli-skiing experience in Alaska, we are the best operator out there. Please contact us with any questions and we'd be happy to help!

What Makes Us Different?

US Heli Members… The Heli Ski US Association is a professional organization dedicated to establishing the highest quality guide and safety and operations guidelines for helicopter skiing in the United States. H2O Guides has helped shape the high standards for guides, aircraft, operating protocols and business practices in the organization, and we are the only qualifying operator in Valdez. Look for the US Heli logo when ever you go helicopter skiing in the United States.

The Most Terrain… With us, you have access to all the terrain that Valdez and the surrounding mountains have to offer. No other operator can say this. H2O’s permits through the BLM and the US Forest Service provide you with a gateway to over 2.6 million acres, more than any other operator in the world. With nine unique staging locations we access good snow when other operators cannot. We earned these permits through a competitive process because of our experience, safety record and respect for the environment.

Guide Experience … Dean Cummings played a critical role pioneering helicopter skiing in Alaska and has been guiding in the Chugach Range since 1990. With ski mountaineering experience on all seven continents and in every major mountain range on the planet, our guides bring diverse backgrounds and talents to the H2O team. Fully certified professionals in the field, everyone at H2O is committed to providing a safe, fun, and educational experience.

Safety… We have the best safety record in the industry hands down. We maintain this high level of safety with recurrent guide training and strict adherence to our operating protocols. Our policies allow us to be conservative with weather, and our snow safety program is cutting edge with full time avalanche forecasters on staff.

Less is More… Flying only four groups per helicopter, we have streamlined our logistics to get you to the goods with less waiting and more shredding. Our small groups allow your personal guides to emphasize team building and increase your understanding of the mountains.

Personalization… The key to the H2O program is ensuring that you access the best terrain for your ability and become a team with your guide and helicopter group. The friends and experiences you take from a week in the Chugach will stay with you for life and make you a permanent member of the international H2O family.

Respect for the Environment… H2O is committed to protecting our natural resources and keeping Alaska clean and wild. We use all biodegradable flagging tape for our heli landing zones, we do wildlife surveys for the BLM and US Forest Service, we use highly regulated fueling procedures, minimize the packaging in our client’s lunches, and use Leave No Trace practices in the field. Our policy is leave only tracks so this incredible land will always be as wild as we found it.

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