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Summer Adventures

Set up your summer adventure with H2O!

Valdez is the best skiing in the world, but when the snow melts the fun really begins. H2O offers custom fishing, kayaking, and glacier exploration trips to remote spots in the Prince William Sound and in the surrounding Wrangell / St. Elias mountain range. With some of the world’s best fishing and a breath taking interface between ocean, glaciers, and mountains you cannot miss Valdez in the summer. H2O works with the top fishing captains, air charter companies, and raft and kayak guides to ensure your trip is safe and fun. Contact the H2O office if you would like us to build a custom itinerary for you. More Info…

Worthington Glacier Tours

Located at mile 28 on the Richardson Highway, the Worthington Glacier is the most accessible glacier in the state.

We offer:

  • Glacier Tours
  • Glacier Trekking
  • Ice Climbing
  • Nature Walks
  • More Info…

Valdez Fishing

Enjoy the splendor of the Prince William Sound while fishing for four species of Salmon, Halibut, Lin Cod, and even Salmon Sharks. The surrounding rivers and lakes provide world class trout and grayling fishing. Let us reserve you a spot today. More Info…

Get into it!

Whether sea kayaking, river rafting, hiking, or hunting we can make your multi-sport Alaskan adventure happen. With natural terrain like no other and the Alaskan midnight sun your energy is the limit for your Alaskan Vacation.

Access the Goods with
               Dean Cummings and the H2O Guide Team!

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